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Need a Full Mouth Reconstruction? Here’s What You Should Know

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For most people, a trip to the dental surgeon consists of some work on one or two teeth. However, some people need full mouth reconstruction. If you are one of those people, then there are a few things that you should know before getting the procedure done. Here is a look at full mouth reconstruction.

What is Full Mouth Reconstruction?

Full mouth reconstruction is a series of surgical and dental procedures that fix your teeth and the structures around them. Essentially, the dental surgeon rebuilds your jaw and mouth to fix your teeth and how they work. It is an extensive process that can take several procedures under most circumstances.

Full mouth reconstruction is intended to help people regain functionality, as well as improve the look of their smile. Unlike other dental surgeries, this procedure is extensive and tries to solve an underlying problem that contributes to ongoing bad dental health. It is a combination of cosmetic and reconstruction surgeries that take place over an extended period of time with breaks so that your body can heal and prepare for the next procedure. In the end, you can expect to have fewer or no problems with your mouth and have a much better-looking smile.

Benefits of Full Mouth Reconstruction

The biggest benefit to full mouth reconstruction is the ability to use your mouth properly again. The procedure is reserved mainly for people that experience pain or cannot use their teeth effectively. The surgeon rebuilds your mouth from the ground up to eliminate pain and structural problems involved in tasks like chewing or talking.

Disadvantages of Full Mouth Reconstruction

The biggest disadvantage of full mouth reconstruction is that the procedure is extensive. The surgeon has to disassemble and reassemble your mouth almost entirely. That means multiple procedures affecting multiple body parts, including your facial muscles, mouth, and even muscles in your neck and back in some cases. This much work on your body can take time to heal and leave you feeling fatigued until you fully recover.

Who is Eligible for Full Mouth Reconstruction?

To be eligible for full mouth reconstruction, you have to meet several criteria. Anyone with a chronic condition related to their mouth and teeth is eligible if the procedure can fix the problem. For example, people with chronic back pain can be eligible if they also have dental problems that contribute to problems with muscles in their backs. Also, people with many dental problems are eligible. It is not uncommon for people missing a lot of teeth to have full mouth reconstruction.

How Long Does it Take?

Full mouth reconstruction is done in phases with space in between for you to heal. This means it could take up to 12 months to complete the whole process. The exact amount of time will depend on scheduling and how quickly you heal from each phase. Everyone’s situation is different and time constraints change accordingly.

How Much Does It Cost?

The exact costs vary based on the exact procedures that are needed. Each dentist charges different rates, so the cost can vary significantly. However, some cases are covered by dental insurance.

The best way to prepare for and learn more about full mouth reconstruction is to consult a dentist. You will need an appointment to have a full analysis of your dental health. That way, the dentist can assess you for the procedure and determine if it can solve your problems.

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