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Below is a testimonial written by one of our patients:

Dear Dr. Attar & Staff,

I would like to sincerely thank Dr. Attar & his staff for the wonderful, professional, and exceptional work they have done on my teeth.

I have multiple health problems, am on many medications, and am a complex dental case. I presented with TMJ, chronic migraines, and grinding of my teeth at night. Dr. Attar is a perfectionist in dealing with these types of issues. He spent the upmost professional time in creating a nightguard that eliminated my TMJ and helped decrease my migraines. What a relief !! He also created & applied the most beautiful crowns on all my top teeth and most of my bottom teeth ( still a few teeth to go!! ). I am soo happy with all my crowns and love the way they look! Dr.Attar has been outstanding in creating a beautiful smile for me, but especially has helped eliminate my TMJ, create an effective mouth guard, and has done this with the most excellent skill and professionalism.

The biggest piece of all of this is: TRUST. I trust Dr. Attar and all his staff for all the highly skill level they know, use, and are proud of every day. I do not have to worry at all when I see Dr. Attar and his wonderful staff. I would highly recommend Dr.Attar to anyone looking for a highly skilled, professional, and, pleasant Dentist. Remember, he is also highly skilled in dental implants, crowns, and many other dental cosmetics and procedures.

Thank you so much for all you do!!

Chris Markoski RN, BSN

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